December, 2012

Creative Arts SpaceThe Factory, an innovative public arts assembly,”manufacturing creativity.”

The Queen of SoulWith great pleasure we announce that we have currently signed on to create a new aesthetic and digital environment for the iconic Stephanie Mills. It isn’t difficult to visually define such a rich profile. Her distinct voice and soul that ...  Read More

Mathematician Meets the MassesWe are pleased to announce the launching of The Creative Engel, a public diary documenting the career pursuit of a rising force in the financial industry. The Creative Engel aesthetic was threaded through all of his social network profiles, as ...  Read More

Physical Meets DigitalThe Playbutton®, is a patent-protected, fully customizable mp3 player in a wearable button. World of Mouth originally joined the Playbutton project in its infancy stage, as a seedling brainchild of contemporary inventor Nick Dangerfield. The output of several core creative development ...  Read More

Real Estate InnovationWilliam Raveis Baer & McIntosh set the precedent of enabling home seekers to find the residence of their dreams, conjoining experience with user-friendly interfaced technology. It’s no wonder they’re the number 1 family owned operated real estate boutique in the ...  Read More

Social Business EntertainmentPulp Business, a sub-entity of Intelligent Business Entertainment, had the essential substance: a “hard-boiled” concept. World of Mouth creative team developed an original idea towards a full-spectrum e-commerce platform. In addition to structural design, Pulp Business received sound design and original ...  Read More

Local Voices Find A StageWhen Rockland County advocates wanted a fresh outlet to give their distinct community a voice, who did they turn to? Rockland Lifestyle was one of World of Mouth ‘s initial undertakings, mastering design and content management in the WordPress platform, including social ...  Read More