Run On The Sun

Shine bright.

About the client

Run On The Sun joined forces in March of 2011. You may have heard them playing alongside Cee Lo Green and The Black Keys at Virgin Mobile FreeFest, or with Bruno Mars and Motley Crüe at The Bamboozle.


BRETT STEINBERG (Vocals and piano) started his musical journey in middle school when he discovered his love of singing and playing piano. From the very beginning, Brett has been composing his own original music, which he continues to do with passion and vigor. Before starting the band, he frequently played the tristate area and won awards for his music, including the NYC Singer/Songwriter Circle’s “National Young Singer/Songwriter Award” which was sponsored by EMI and won him $1,000. He also recently appeared on Howard Stern’s morning show, where he won Howard’s “Young Idol” competition. In early 2011 Brett realized the potential he shared when playing with his bandmates to pursue “the dream” with these close friends. To Brett, the band is everything and he, along with his bandmates, is determined to create a positive presence in people’s lives by creating songs that have true meaning and emotion. Brett strongly believes that music is the universal language, saying that “music means everything to me. Most of all it means freedom of expression. Any emotion, any positive message that can bring huge crowds of people together you can think of is possible when woven into the fibbers of good music.”

ALESSANDRO CHILLÉ (Bass) was born into music. Inspired by his father’s legacy in both performance and recording engineering, he taught himself how to play saxophone at only 9 years old, which he continued to play through early high school. At 11, he taught himself how to play the bass, and at 13 he branched out even further into piano and guitar. He has always had a marked interest in classic rock and funk music, even one time interrupting class to ask his 6th grade English teacher what she thought of James Brown being classified as the “godfather of funk.” Alessandro has participated in prior rock bands including the alternative-punk band “Ghost Of Pluto,” prior to starting Run On The Sun. Other musical credits include composing a feature length musical called “Don’t Push,” performing in competitive choirs, wind ensembles, jazz bands and saxophone quartets.

ETHAN ARMSTRONG (drums) first started his musical career at 8 years old he got his first drum set for his birthday. He taught himself how to play the drums by jamming out to The Beatles and imitating Ringo Starr’s classic style of playing. In 4th grade Ethan joined the school band, where he learned how to read sheet music for drums. In middle school, he took part in the school’s jazz band, and he also currently plays for the Young Life youth group band. It was in high school that Ethan first met his current bandmates. He had played with Brett and Alessandro several times before Run On The Sun, and in early 2011, his talents were realized once more as Run On The Sun was formed. Immediately, Ethan recognized the positive message and incredible potential in the music being made by the four musicians. Ethan finds great joy in creating strong and meaningful music to share with the world with the help of his three great friends and bandmates. His main goal in life is to be able to share the bands’ sounds with every person in the world.

ITAMAR GOV-ARI (Guitar) began his musical career at the age of 9 when he began playing classical piano. After appearing in many recitals and festivals, he decided that he wanted to give rock music a shot and picked up the guitar at the age of 14. At 15, he began to study music theory and jazz piano as well as work on developing his aural skills. By the age of 18, Itamar was fronting the local alternative-punk band Ghost Of Pluto and playing jazz gigs on the weekends. He went on to attend Ithaca college, where he underwent intensive jazz and classical piano training as well as taking classes on music history, theory, and participating in numerous ensembles. His per- formance experience is vast- as a Freshman in college he had performed more times in the recital halls and around town than most of the seniors in his program. After leaving Ithaca College, Itamar joined forces with Run On The Sun, where his talents and extensive musical repertoire prove key in creating the band’s distinct sound.