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Hardboiled business entertainment.

Pulp Business gives birth to an entirely new category in digital business media and entertainment – hard- boiled business fiction. Three original properties, True Office Romance, Satan Was A CEO and Fantastic Accounting Mysteries not only captivate the audience with immersive story lines and a colorful cast of characters, they provide a near-perverse lens into the corporate underbelly and invite viewers into the stories.

World of Mouth began working with Intelligent Business Entertainment in October 2010, initially to commission Jase Blankfort for creative sound design on the Pulp Business project. As the relationship further blossomed, World of Mouth handled general project management, facilitated strategic partnerships for the series, created Pulp Business’ first social friendly web platform, marketing presentations, technology platform analysis, and then consulted on various aspects of True Office, which ultimately superseded the Pulp Business entertainment property.

World of Mouth’s Jase Blankfort original sound design work:

This video clip was completely silent. 

Jase Blankfort created all sound elements, including foley & original soundtrack.

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