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About the project
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Local happenings by local voices.

Rockland Lifestyle was founded in 2008, launching an online forum for Rockland County’s distinct suburban culture, uniting local readers and local writers. Rockland Lifestyle began as an idea of two resident journalists looking to have independent control from standard media. After their ambitions were realized, World of Mouth created a cohesive digital environment with user friendly functionality. Following the launch in November of 2008, Rockland Lifestyle quickly gained momentum, establishing an unrestricted stage for aspiring writers, foodies, critics, farmers, politicos, and event planners. Years later their audience attests, “it’s the local trusted source of unbiased community information, gossip, & happenings.”

Rockland Lifestyle is about people, places and things.  We were the first blog to launch in Rockland County to discuss “a little bit of everything.” We are a commentary in the spirit of  “telling it like it is” or how we, or you, see it.  This is not a cookie cutter blog, but instead a depository of fresh ideas, interesting opinions and unabashed feelings.  Please join us, in saying what you will.  The topic is Rockland and everything in it or about it. 
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