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Peter Engel, Columbia graduate and burgeoning mathematician, enlisted World of Mouth to transition his career profile to a larger presence in the digital world . His innovative approach to the financial industry clearly defines his passion for numbers. After several creative development sessions with World of Mouth, the essence of the man behind the numbers was taken to the drafting table. Soon after, his digital identity was launched at www.thecreativeengel.com, including a full social media overhaul.

My evolving expertise lies within a counter-balance of Statistics, Risk Management and a relentless oberservation of the financial markets. Orchestrating the interplay between targeted research and strategy implementation has been the core of my career’s ambitions. I currently aspire to develop these skills as vehicles in achieving an extensive understanding of any business, and by extension, any economy. As I have learned, fine-tuned market intuition is a result of not just the tools, but how they are used. I am drawn to environments that encompass the fundamentals with an equal opportunity to hone my craft. This applies to both investment and risk management practices. 
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