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Manufacturing creativity.

In early 2012, a raw abandoned 40,000 square foot factory was taken over by contemporary artist and music producer Jase Blankfort, regardless of its preexisting condition. Blankfort, primarily known as the musical act Glint (www.glintonline.com), alongside his manager Adam Jordan of Rely Records, upcycled the factory to become Blankfort’s private recording and writing facility. The unique and industrious creative playground soon attracted a barrage of distinct names in music whom began recording iconic performances, live, for intimate audiences. The transformation of a private creative arts space-turned-public-spectacle sparked an idea in Blankfort to synthesize the experience to a larger scale, across all artistic mediums. World of Mouth began Blankfort’s mission with The Factory logotype, aesthetic development and website (coming soon). Although we are currently unable to disclose the details, The Factory’s future as an innovative public arts assembly is sure to reinvent the concept of delivering “creativity to the masses” in 2014.

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