Adam Jordan

Adam Jordan

Adam Jordan is currently serving as the Director of Operations for World of Mouth.

After going to school for business management, Jordan started his career as the “visionary” for Rely Records, a music management label birthed out of his college dorm room. Instead of managing business, Jordan chose to manage talent.

Rely Records was created to market  the work of critically acclaimed musician/producer/artist Jase Blankfort in the college circuit. For several years and still counting, Jordan became the manager of Blankfort’s band GLINT.

In his early teens, Jordan received several computer awards as the youngest IT wizard in his domain and started doing freelance web design to fund personal creative endeavors.

After working with Rely Records and GLINT for several years doing management, promotion and digital marketing, in which he still does proudly, Jordan parntered with his current music mentor Harvey Leeds (Sony, Live Nation).  Soon after, Jordan began brokering deals in the entertainment space, including partnerships with Apple, Playbutton, Scooter Braun, and NYLO Hotel.

Stemming from a family of business and real estate entrepeneurs, Jordan helped spearhead real estate development for the largest family-owned real estate firm in the Northeast, creating strategic partnerships with software companies and other real estate platforms.

Jordan’s knack for digital marketing, silver tongue, and most importantly, knowing how to connect the right networking dots, he naturally became a magnet to help define a company’s “Digital Identity.” Hence, World of Mouth was born.

In addition to overseeing operations of World of Mouth group, you can find Jordan working with GLINT, Rely Records, William Raveis Baer & McIntosh and preparing for the latest business endeavor, The Factory, a premiere creative arts venue opening inside a boutique hotel in 2014.